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Eatwell Guide Floorgame with Captions

  • Reference: G.13/31
  • Category: Healthy Eating, Obesity and Nutrition
  • Type: Games
  • Publisher: Comic Company
  • Publication Date: 2016
  • Author: Comic Company
  • Loan Category: Can be borrowed
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The Reviews

By Claire Smith on 12/02/2020 16:11:21
Used at a healthy eating promotional event in college (16-19 year olds), with the food 'top trumps' cards laid out food side up in appropriate categories on the floormat, and then top trump game style used for students to try and pick highest scoring food card- e.g 'highest protein' or 'lowest sugar'. Despite initially appearing a health promotion tool for younger children it was fun and discussion provoking for this age range too!
By Hannah Fenton on 05/09/2016 16:49:52

This works really well when it is NOT WINDY! In the wind, it's a disaster!

It can be differentiated depending on age group:

  • Very small children can choose their favourite items - one from each section (several fruit & veg) - to make their perfect meal. Then can then use coloured pens to draw it, and take the drawing home to stick on their fridge.
  • Primary school children can put the different food items onto the correct section of the mat - many children will want to do the complete set! If they're still interested, they can then choose their favourite from each section to make their perfect meal as above. Drawing is also popular.
  • Secondary school children can do the segement matching and/or play the top trumps game on the back of the cards - I had groups of teenage boys playing this. Deal approx. 10 cards to each player. Tell them they win on getting the highest green or lowest red categories. On each person's turn, they read out their top card and hold it up for others to see the picture. Others also read out and hold up their cards. The person whose turn it is chooses the category and reads out the value on their card. Others read out the value of that chosen category. The person who wins gets all the cards. If there's a draw, cards go in the middle and the next winner gets those cards too. Players can choose to end the game at any time and count up how many cards each person has. The one with the most is the winner.

Incentivise the above by handing out tasty snacks e.g. strawberries!‚Äč

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