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Beer Goggles#1

  • Reference: M.03/02
  • Category: Alcohol
  • Type: Model
  • Publisher: Health Edco
  • Publication Date: 2012
  • Author: Health Edco
  • Loan Category: Can be borrowed
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(3 user reviews)
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The Reviews

By Matthew Hillis on 12/01/2017 16:31:20

A fab tool, really effective way of simulating being sloshed.

I taught ninety 14 year old pupils about risky behaviours, we used the goggles and then asked them to walk and send a text message (they were pretty unintelligible) follow a blue wavy line (they could not do this at all) and then bowling, even the sportier pupils failed to aim straight.

 The HPU is a great resource, with helpful staff.


By Amanda Corr on 08/10/2016 19:42:29
Every time I go back to do another pshe session I always get asked if I have these on me! Excellent resource
By Lesley Smith on 22/06/2016 19:18:33
The beer goggles were realistic according to younger men and women who tried them. They were useful from our standpoint as a forum for a discussion about alcohol units and driving.
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